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An auction to raise funds to credit reviews to Space Blog Forum.
For some businesses and activities I run

I was just informed that starting in a few days I will be pulling 12 hour shifts at work through the holidays. I have to close this auction to free myself up a little.

The purpose of this auction is to raise funds to credit reviews made by members of
Space Blog  (E)
A group for our new forum.
#2223888 by Chris Breva
and to distribute to other charities on WDC such as
WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group  (E)
Join the fun! We inspire reviewers through kindness and learning! Winner of six Quills!
#1300305 by Maryann
Request An Upgrade From RAOK  (E)
Where you can request an upgrade from RAOK.
#787735 by Writing.Com Support
. One-third of the funds will go to each.

Packages will be fulfilled within ten days of payment.

Gift point donations also accepted. Donors of 100K or more will be listed below. Of course we also take donations.

The deal still holds. if you send a donation of 50K I will give you a non-exclusive merit badge of your choice. For 100K I will give you three non-exclusive merit badges of your choice. For 150 donation I will give you 4 non-exclusive merit badges, a review of an item in your port and an awardicon to the item. For 200K gift points Space Blog will feature an item in your port the day after the points are received as our prompt for the day.

Generous Donors


Package One
One music CD titled "Under the Willow tree"
Lyrics written by the talentedInnerlight is Grateful

Music and singing by the talented Beyond the Cloud9

Current bid:70K Chris Breva


Package Two
My new Sprinkles and Bo Merit Badge. It is a unicorn and bunny. A 25K Awardicon for an item I like in your Port.
Donated by

Current bid: 85K MacTíre Taibhse GhostWolf

Package Three

Pick 6! HSP has 8 shiny new merit badges. Take 6 for yourself, or donate any to a friend. All will awarded with CR credit. There are 8 badges in all to choose from.

Donated by Purple Princess

Sold 100K/c} Witchy woman prays 4 Ukraine


Package Four
1- Hand written poem about WINNER or a family member. I will need info from the winner on subject and mailing address.

1- The new Lighthouse Poetry contest MB on order now.

Donated by LegendaryMask❤️isThankful

Current bid: 50K queenkissy


Package Five
On behalf of the "WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group" :

A SuperPower Tower Group MB
A Power Bid MB
A Super Power 'Thank you' Trinket
A 10K Portfolio Awardicon
Exclusive: "You have been nixified".

Donated by

Current Bid: 65K ♊️GeminiGem💎


Package Six
My three exclusive merit badges: Dream Catchers, Try Something New, and The Island.

Donated by
S Ferguson~ Prepping for Prep

Current Bid: 75K ♊️GeminiGem💎

Package Seven
One Writing.com Journal and Pen Set

Donated by
Kate - Writing & Reading

Current bid: 100K Have a Joyous and Blessed Xmas


Package Eight

Reflections Signature Shoppe" and a 4k Gift Certificate from "The Confused Monkey Signature Shop donated by. One signature design and 3 poetry reviews

Donated by


Package Nine

One 3K Gift certificate to the "Confused Monkey Signature Shoppe"
One Weekly Oriental Poetry Merit badge (physical version)
Three poetry reviews by Chris Breva


Current bid 40K


Package Ten

One hand-written and autographed poem in a frame
One 3K Gift Certificate from the "Confused Monkey Signature Shoppe"
Donated by
:Innerlight is Grateful and Have a Joyous and Blessed Xmas

Current bid: 65K queenkissy


Package Eleven

Five signature designs from "Sharmelle's Reflections Signature Shoppe, Three for the winner and two for a friend.
Three poetry reviews and a 10K awardicon to favorite
One Weekly Oriental Poetry Merit Badge and one non-exclusive badge of winner's choice
Donated by
Chris Breva

Current bid bid: 30K Chris Breva


Package Twelve
From the WDC Shop:
1 T-Shirt: Writing.Com Grey (Full Color Logo) #1026 WDC Price 135,000 gift points
Our short sleeve, preshrunk, heavyweight cotton t-shirt is a favorite!
Donated by
Chris Breva

Current Bid: 120K Chris Breva }


Package Thirteen

Writing.Com Mouse Pad #1031This mouse pad has a soft surface and 1/4" thick soft rubber on the bottom. WDC Price 90,000 gift points
Donated by Chris Breva

Current bid Bid 35K
Have a Joyous and Blessed Xmas


Package Fourteen No Longer AVAILABLE. It was a ball cap but appears to no longer be available in the store.

Package Fifteen
1-Little Box of Awesome from the WDC Shoppe
A cute little tin filled with totally awesome words. As a gift, a nice little token that won't soon be forgotten.
Contains 72 themed magnetic word tiles, packaged in a shrink-wrapped tin container. Individual tiles are .375" tall. Product size is 1.75h x 2.25w x 5"d.

Current bid bid 70kK
Chris Breva }

Donated by Chris Breva


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