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Rated: GC · Message Forum · Horror/Scary · #2228334
A weekly horror contest using a photo prompt and chosen subgenre competition.
Oh, The Horror Of It All
Skeletons in the closet (and other kinds of beasties).
This week's photo prompt.
Required subgenre theme: Romance
Click on photo to view trivia


Remember those scary stories told around campfires, hovering with friends during over-nighters, or experienced in nightmares while rolling unconscious after the evening news? This contest wants to make that experience worth something.

We're looking for tales that go bump in the night with enough fear factor in the plot to haunt readers all on their own. Judging will look at scene setting, mood and tone, fear factor in the climax moment followed by a satisfying release of tension in the resolution. That's why we're limiting this to a GC content rating.

*BurstBR* Weekly contest from midnight Saturday to next Saturday midnight. Sponsored by the "Horror 101 WdC University Class. Donations welcomed to keep the contest going.

*BurstBR* Prompt: photo (taken by your own Bobturn) and subgenre change each week

*BurstBR* Use a (up to CG) bitem or entry post to enter up to a 1500 word short story with the word count printed at the top of your post.

*BurstBR* Winner receives 10,000 points and an MB of the judge's choice. Three entries required for a first place, five for a 5,000 point second place and seven for 2.500 point third place. Judge: Bobturn

*BurstBR* tHaNk YoU to our donators
SleepySerpent , W.D.Wilcox , Rustika

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