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"Like A Song" Short Story Contest! Round 2 Starts 03/01/2021 and Ends 03/31/2021!
The New Contest Image Header for Like A Song.

Welcome to my contest!
Welcome to Round 1 of "Like A Song" Short Story Contest!
*I am very excited to be holding this contest.
I hope everyone will enjoy it.
*This will be a prompt contest based around the music genre.

*Note* -Here are the Rules- *Note*

*Music2* --This is a contest for SHORT STORIES-- only.
*Music1* -- Contest usually runs from the 1st until the 30th at 11:59pm WDC time of each month. However - Round 1 Starts Now and Ends 12/30/2020 at 11:59pm WDC time!!
*Music2* --Winners will be announced within 1 week from the closing date.
*Music1* -- The prompts for each month are parts of popular song lyrics.(the songs used are from no particular musical era or genre)
*Music2* -- Create a short story using one of the prompts listed below. "The exact prompt line MUST be incorporated in the short story."
*Music1* -- You may enter 1 or 2 contest entries but the prompts used must be different for each.
*Music2* -- Minimum 1000 words. Please include a word count.
*Music1* -- Just a general rule of not allowed content: No beastiality or underage / pedophile / rape / incest anything that falls into those types of category. Other than that it’s anything goes.

*Music2* -- All entries must be submitted in
"Like a Song" Poetry Contest  (E)
"Lyrical Prompt" POETRY Contest - Reopened! Round 26 OPENS 03/01/2021 and Ends 03/31/2021
#1093986 by Revelry new writings soon
bitem format.(unless you do not have space available in your port. please leave reason in message area)

"Like a Song" Poetry Contest  (E)
"Lyrical Prompt" POETRY Contest - Reopened! Round 26 OPENS 03/01/2021 and Ends 03/31/2021
#1093986 by Revelry new writings soon

*Music1*-PROMPTS FOR ROUND 1 -*Music1*

~ And put the whole damn room on the edge of a blade.

~ Dark necessities are part of my design.

~ Well I am Death none can excel.

~ Disarm my mind, make it dry.

~ And if you're giving in, you're giving up.

~ Sitting still was never enough.

~ Despite all my rage, I'm still just a rat in a cage.

~ So show me what you got, you children of the gun.

~ Against the sun, we're the enemy.

~ A destiny, oh it's the rising sun.

~ Chose a gun, and threw away the sun.

~ You don't believe in God, I don't believe in luck.

~ Don't hide, and we don't run.


*Vignette4* 1st Place ~ 10,000gp's & Awardicon(Winners Choice color)

*Vignette4* 2nd Place ~ 5,000gp's & Awardicon(Winners Choice color)

*Vignette4* 3rd Place ~ 2,500gp's & Awardicon(Winners Choice color)

*Vignette4* Honorable Mentions will be awarded.~ 1,000gp's

*Vignette4* *Vignette4*--Newbie Award--*Vignette4* *Vignette4*

If there are any entries made by a Newbie (Member less than 6 months) "ONE" will be selected to recieve a "Merit Badge" for Short Stories.

*Gifto* DONATIONS *Gifto*
All donations accepted and greatly appreciated.

~ Lillian Parsons

*Vignette4* Anyone Donating OVER 20K will recieve a Merit Badge *Vignette4*
(recipients have *Heart* displayed next to their name)

"Song brings of itself a cheerfulness
that wakes the heart of joy."
~ Euripides (c.485-406 BC)

Merit Badge in Music
[Click For More Info]

Couldnt imagine anyone more perfect to run the contest than you! *^*Heart*^* ~ J


*Music2* ~ Revelry new writings soon

*Music1**Vignette4**Music2* WINNERS ROUND 1 *Music1**Vignette4**Music2*

*Vignette4* 1st Place

No Laughing Matter  (E)
'Like a Song' Short Story Contest, December 2020
#2240633 by cdcraftee

*Vignette4* 2nd Place

Destiny  (13+)
Contest entry: Prompt was 'A destiny, oh it's the rising sun'. What is destiny?
#2238401 by D. Reed Whittaker

*Vignette4* 3rd Place


*Vignette4* Honorable Mentions *Vignette4*



*Vignette4* Newbie Award *Vignette4*

** Thank you all for your participation** *Heart* ~Rev
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