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An Online Holiday Scavenger Hunt
Holiday Scavenger Hunt!!

How Badly Would You Like To Be Among The First To Receive A Brand Spanking New, Hot Off The Presses Merit Badge?

Merit Badge in GingerMan
[Click For More Info]

Merry Christmas, Richard!

Well, this Adorable Little Fella that Shadow Prowler commissioned and The StoryMistress created is up for grabs!!


You are going to have to work for him a bit —

To win ONE OF TEN that I have been empowered by the Queen Ninja Monkey to give away you are going to have to complete a

Holiday Scavenger Hunt

I will post a list of clues and you will post an image or cartoon that matches the clue — the funnier the better!



Postings should be made in {item:xxxxxx} or {bitem:xxxxxx} format as a reply in this forum.

There will be twenty clues; To Win The Cute Little Ginger Bread Man You Must Find And Include An Image For All Twenty Clues.


Oh, You Mean Besides That Adorable New Trinket?

Since I realize this will take up a bit of time on your part to find, download to your PC, then upload to WdC, and then create the item to post.

I will PAY YOU 500 Gift Points per Image, so if you do all twenty you'll not only get a nifty new Merit Badge, you'll earn 10,000 Gift Points!

Only the first ten entries will receive Merit Badges and Points — But ALL ENTRIES will receive points!!

And If your image is particularly amusing, I will create a trinket, dedicated to you!!

Holiday Scavenger Hunt Clues;

*Dog1* Pet Dressed Up In Christmas Clothes *Dog1*

*Dreidel* Dreidel *Dreidel*

*SantaHat* Overindulged Santa *SantaHat*

*Menorah* Menorah *Menorah*

*Hysterical* Family Christmas Photo Gone Wrong *Hysterical*

*BareTree3* Kwanzaa Celebration *BareTree3*

*StockingR* Bad Christmas Wrapping *StockingR*

*GiftR* Boxing Day *GiftR*

*BulbR* Elaborate Christmas Decorations *BulbR*

*CountryJP* Omisoka *CountryJP*

*BookOpen* Heartwarming Christmas Image *BookOpen*

*XMasTree* Yule *XMasTree*

*Ornament4R* Vintage Christmas *Ornament4R*

*Rolling* Festivus *Rolling*

*Hug1**Frown**Hug2* Disappointed Child Christmas Image *Hug1**Frown**Hug2*

*Datejan1* New Year’s Eve *Datejan1*

*Cake3* Fruitcake *Cake3*

*Owl5* The Critter Who Stowed Away In The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree *Owl5*

*Reindeer* Reindeer Cartoon *Reindeer*

*Rant* Funny Christmas Carolers *Rant*

Good Luck!!
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