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Folklore and Fairy Tales Reimagined

"Dark Dreamscapes Presents:

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To all those who prefer the path less traveled, magic around every corner, and a healthy dose of fantasy, this contest is for you! Wait...what's that sparkly magic coming out of that lamp over there? Whoa, who are you??!!

Genie for FU

Ho there, Bob!....

                   Ummm, my name’s Roland.

Well, Bob’s easier to say so let’s just stick with that. Anyway, if you haven’t guessed, I’m a genie, (do NOT call me Gene for short) and let's face it everyone, I couldn’t just sit idly by while Bob over here hosts a boring WDC fantasy event. Where’s the punch? The PIZAZZ! Hmm? You need a tantalizingly twisted tango added to this two-step of yours. So let me add just a teensy-tiny little *Wand**Wind*...

                   No wait!

Oops. Well maybe that was a little bit more than a tiny nudge.

Whoa duck there Bob, that was a full-size dragon! *Dragon2*

Ooh watch out for that gingerbread house too! (side note: stay away from the oven in there haha!) *No*

Alrighty now that magical things are flying all over the place, I think I’m gonna take over the announcement since Bob is a little busy over there dodging things: *Wind*

Get your pens out, your notepads ready, and pop a little pep in your step because Genie has a poetic treat for you! Yes it is another fantasy contest but this time it’s got a twist (or two) (or maybe even three! I’ll take all of the above for 800 Alex!!!). It’s going to be a veritable grab-bag, a potpourri, a charcuterie of tales with twists of a most ingenious nature. Heard the tale of Hansel and Gretel? Well what if Hansel and Gretel were actually the bad guys? Ever heard of Krampus? What if Krampus and Santa had to switch places? What if Aladdin had to become a genie? (Ha as if) Or what if Peter Pan met Alice from Wonderland? All of these prompts and more might come spinning out of this satisfying symphony of twisty unraveled tales!

So let’s go over the ground rules folks:

*Genielamp* Schedule: Every other month (January, March, May, July, Sept, Nov.)

*Sword2L* Who can write for it: Anyone!

*Castle* Format: {bitem:} or {entry:} only please (line count listed).

*Fairy* Edits: Entries can be edited up to the deadline for the submission. (If any major edits are made a courtesy email would be appreciated just in case)

*Shield2* Stricter Rules: Follow the prompt. Each month's poetry prompt will have its OWN set of rules to follow. It’s that simple. Watch for line limits and other tricks up my sleeve.

*Genielamp*Rating: Please be sure to keep it rated GC and below. Fantasy is not always for the faint of heart so you've got a bit of leeway here.

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Because my twin flame always gets my MBs first! Love ya!

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Any Donations of 40k or more will receive a MB and a shoutout in our donor list!

Please post gps below for easy access or send GPs directly to ID# 2228971 ("Fantasy Unravelled ).

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Round 5 Prompt:

Cinderella...crappy stepmom and crappy stepsisters. Got a fairy godmother than made everything ok, lost a really uncomfortable glass slipper (how does one dance in a shoe made of glass exactly...plantar fasciitis anyone?) and escaped a truly ghastly home life and janitorial position.

Classic story of course but Genie wants to spice it up a bit. Soooo...let's rewrite this one and give Cinderella just a wee bit more bad luck? Let's say the fairy godmother is actually an EVIL fairy godmother. The rest is all up to you. Happy ending? Horrible ending? Cinderella becomes a genie with TOTAL COSMIC POWERRRRRRR? Who knows? Totally up to you.


Poem must rhyme. Type of rhyme or form is up to you.

Line count: At least 20

*NoteBl* Deadline 9/30/2021 at the stroke of midnight

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Round 5 Current Entrants:

 Cinderella was mad   (E)
for Dark Dreamscapes
#2258127 by JCosmos

#2 {bitem:}

#3 {bitem:}

#4 {bitem:}

#5 {bitem:}

#6 {bitem:}

#7 {bitem:}

#8 {bitem:}

#9 {bitem:}

#10 {bitem:}

#11 {bitem:}

#12 {bitem:}

#13 {bitem:}

#14 {bitem:}

#15 {bitem:}

#16 {bitem:}

#17 {bitem:}




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July Round 4

Winners Text


 Gulliver in Wonderland  (GC)
For Roland's Contest
#2254120 by ArtemisMad


 Gulliver Discovers Q Anon   (13+)
for fantasy poetry contest imaging Gulliver time traveling to our future world.
#2254469 by JCosmos

Check out "Dark Dreamscapes other contest "Dark Dreamscapes Poetry Contest for Poetry inspiration!

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