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Calling all poets! You can get your poetry turned into a song!
Welcome to The Poetry Song Contest!


The Winners are:

Life is Gonna  (E)
Contest Entry about Life
#2243659 by TheLoneWriter

Daydreamer Gardening  (E)
For my aunt, this one
#312252 by Cappucine

Come Dance With Me  (13+)
Contest entry: Lyrics hope to make it a ballad a la 'Love Me Tender'. Seasoned romance.
#2236803 by D. Reed Whittaker

Nightmares  (ASR)
Will me nightmares never cease? 
Dear God, I pray, let me sleep in peace.

#2242926 by Bobby Lou Stevenson
Chess Pieces  (E)
Chess Strategy in Poetry Form...
#2245705 by KingsSideCastle


Used for Poetry Song Contest

Do you have a poem that you would love to have put to music?

Would you like your poetry to gain more exposure?

I am opening up a contest, which will be advertised on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook, but you are hearing about it first here on Writing.Com, because let's face it:



*Star* *Star* *Star* *Star* *Star* *Star* *Star* *Star* PRIZES:*Star* *Star* *Star* *Star* *Star* *Star* *Star* *Star*

*Star* GRAND PRIZE: Your poem turned into a song! You will receive an MP3 of your song. Your song will be featured on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and also linked right here in this forum to be proudly displayed. You will also receive a Music Merit Badge here on WDC. Your selected poem will be awarded a shiny new ribbon here on WDC.

*Star* SECOND PRIZE: You will receive a 50% off voucher to have your poem turned into a song, a Congratulations Merit Badge and a shiny new ribbon here on WDC, plus have your poem featured on my social media.

*Star* THIRD PRIZE: You will receive a 25% off voucher to have your poem turned into a song, and a shiny new ribbon for your poem, plus having your poem featured in my social media.

*Star* HONORABLE MENTION: You will receive a shiny ribbon for your poem and have your poem featured in my social media.

All winners will remain featured here in the forum, and if this contest is successful, I will run it again in the future.

Some rules to follow:

1) The poem must rhyme.

2) You must allow me to tweak slightly if needed to fit into the parameters of the song, which may include removing or changing a word, repeating some lines, or arranging to fit in lyrically. You keep the copyright to the poem. I have the copyright to the music.

3) Please no swear words in the poem.

4) Might want to check for any typos, because if chosen I wouldn't want to get something wrong inadvertently.

How to enter:

WDC members get FREE entry into the contest and you may enter up to five poems.

*Star* Post your poem in the forum either linked or just written in the message.

It's seriously that easy.

*******Once the deadline is closed I will look at every poem, so if you want to change your poem before then, you may, but please ensure you have no more than five entries. So, if you have 5 entries but decide to enter a different, please go delete another.*******

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION: Sunday, 28 February 2021
Any entries past this point will not be considered.


If you would like to hear examples of poetry I've turned into music, please check out this playlist on YouTube:

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