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What are you addicted to?
Sometimes you don't want to get rid of something. You feel like it's more of you. Can you express that feeling? Feeling of not letting go something. Just let it be as it is. Okay. Perhaps you know that...perhaps you don't. But are you sure you can call it 'Love' or 'affection' or 'obsession'?

Let me call it Addiction . You might get some obsession or attraction to a thing which you want to be a part of your life forever. Ahh!! 'Forever'...its a big term, right?

Addiction is of two types: One is ever lasting and one is just transient. Let's discuss more. Everlasting or long lasting addiction changes to become your affection which can never die. Affection then turns to love and gradually you see it's a part of your life. Starting as a bathroom singer, you sang to your friends, then in a party as a request, later as an established singer. Pretty cool? Starting as a poet or a kid who used to make stories in mind, you begin to write, then an online writer...oh your first book is published! Yeah!! You have created that 'love' for it. Now that's the time when you feel complete. A lovely feeling of dancing in the rain in the middle of a street. Amazing!

Type two is more common and you must have gone through it. Do you remember watching a show in which you were too impatient to wait for the next episode? A drama which you finished overnight? A book which can't wait to be read? These are transient. They do not make a huge impact but a little.

Addiction is not defined. It may be good or bad or both ways. You are smart enough to judge which one you do hold.

Tell me about your recent addiction to something which was not easy to halt.
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