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A celebration of connecting with the natural world around us.
created and offered by  [Link To User gervic]

We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors,
we borrow it from our children.
—Native American proverb

Enter our "'Better Nature' Message Forum or click on our header graphic to do so.

Visits with nature can be emotionally healing, relaxing, helpful in caring for our planet, or simply gardening for the beauty of flowers and obtaining tasty produce from one's own backyard.

Enjoying nature can occur within the confines of one's home. It only requires a glance out a window to connect with the flight of a bird. Within the same room it may be just the watering of an indoor plant given by a loved one.

The width and breadth of connecting with nature can fit any place or time. National, state and local parks offer dramatic views, geological and human histories as well as those of animals we otherwise would never see or learn about. In this contest, we're looking for ways to bond with nature and why.

Your favorite time of year. What and why?.

*FlowerV* Rules
1. New original work related to the current prompt only.
2. Posts in item, bitem or entry formats are welcome.
3. Personal remarks will be deleted. Use our "'Better Nature' Message Forum group to discuss, congratulate or make comments.
4. Make 'Nature' a genre. Your entry may be
Up to a 5000 word biographical essay,
Up to a 40 line poem
Or a 5000 word story form.
5. Grammar, spelling and style will be considered during judging.
6. Only one post allowed per contest prompt.
7. An entrance fee of 250 points is required with your submission. All points will be added to the contest's reward system.

*FlowerP* Judge
Bob's Alternate Realities or upcoming guest judges S. Serpent , Queen NormaJean is in a wonder Contact me if you are interested.

*FlowerB* Winners
Five entries are required for all three rewards.
Reward amounts will be determined by a roll of the dice.
3 or more entries - 1st place - 50 to 50,000 points
4 or more entries - 2nd place - 20 to 20,000 points
5 or more entries - 3rd place - 10 to 10,000 points

*Flowerw* Thank you to our donors helping to protect nature and keep this contest going.

Note and history lesson: Thanks to ✨GERV➻❥Ult Candy Crusher for making the inspiring graphic adorning our contest header. He founded the original Verdant Poetry Contest for the same reason as this contest, years ago. Choconut carried the tradition on by hosting it. That contest is now temporarily closed.
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