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Do reviews and get free Lolli Hammer towards the Ultimate Candy Crusher Game

Candy Review Trade Center Banner

A quick story why this activity is created:

WDC - a world where writing connoisseurs, poetry wizards, master storytellers, novel virtuosos, and some brilliant and skilled artists thrive has long been existed and has always been the gossips among fairies of Candyland. All of them loves to read and listen to the masterpieces of WDCians. However, there is this one fairy whose interest is on the inspiring words and helpful constructive criticisms from skilled reviewers of Writing Dot Com. Her name is Lolly, a guardian from the Lollipop Forest. Every single day, she never skip to check her mailbox with hopes that she can get the most inspiring and helpful in-depth review for the day. The WDCians never fail to fulfill her expectation. She always got the reviews she wanted and she's more than happy.
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Are you willing to help little fairy Candice? Of course you do. We wouldn't want to let her friend die, right? All she needs is our reviews.

Let's save her friend's life by doing reviews... and your review must meet the following conditions:

*Candy1**Fairy* Must be for any static items or book items containing a collection of poems, short story or novel chapters;
*Candy1**Fairy* Must be made for public viewing;
*Candy1**Fairy* Must be with quality, please follow the Guidelines To Great Reviewing;
*Candy1**Fairy* Must show a link back to this forum with ID# [#2244949] "Ultimate Review Trade Center;
*Candy1**Fairy* Must be posted on the forum below in {review:#######} format (change # with the review id number you'll get after submitting your item's review);
*Candy1**Fairy* May or may not be affiliated to any groups/activities. However, it is encouraged that you affiliate your reviews to a group for review credits.

*NoteP* Please note that I may or may not give credits to you review but it is way better if you post your review on the forum soon after you complete them. I might check your reviews every now and then and if I can see your effort given to it, I will give you credits.

Here are the suggested best groups for review affiliation:

"WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group
"The WDC Angel Army
and of course while doing "Anniversary Reviews, you may also add a link to this forum and your review will be counted...is it not exciting?

So, what's the deal? You may ask. Candice gave me a note with the following:

1 Ordinaire Lolli Hammer
[in exchange for 5 reviews with at least 250 characters without WritingML]

1 Red Lolli Hammer
[in exchange for 5 reviews with at least 750 characters without WritingML]

1 Purple Lolli Hammer
[in exchange for 5 reviews with at least 1,500 characters without WritingML]

1 Tropic Lolli Hammer
[in exchange for 5 reviews with at least 2,250 characters without WritingML]

1 Rainbow Lolli Hammer
[in exchange for 5 reviews with at least 3,000 characters without WritingML]


Your Lolli Hammers are only claimable and usable at "Ultimate Candy Crusher Game. Please check the game to learn what surprises you can grab. Here's the current scoreboard and magnificent prizes up for grabs! Visit "Candy Leader Board and Trophy Room


Please feel free to use the following review disclaimers that will link back to this forum:

For members with non-upgraded account, copy and paste this:

{c:hotpink}{font:comic}{size:5}{b}A review for {item:2244949}{/b}{/size}{/font}{/c}

which gives you,

A Review for "Ultimate Review Trade Center

For upgraded members, feel free to use the following images:

Candy Review Trade Center Banner
[You may change the percentage according to your sizing needs]

Candy Review Banner
[You may change the percentage according to your sizing needs]


I got you. It's okay. You can always buy Lolli Hammers at "Ultimate Candy Crusher Game.

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by Lurie Park- Too tired · 04-11-21 @ 2:13 am

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