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Another coffee calamity! How much more can we take?
Another Coffee Calamity has struck and people are outraged!

Due to the alarming number of people worldwide addicted to coffee, the United Nations has announced that research has declared it a drug. After much deliberation, the American government has decided from here on out, coffee is an illegal substance. Much like prohibition, the buying, selling, and growing of coffee is now prohibited and if caught, punishable by law.


Write a story 500-1500 words about what happens in a world where coffee is suddenly illegal. IS coffee as harmful and addictive as the government now claims? Will the people rise up and overthrow the government over this absurd new law? Will rehab centers be overcrowded with people having coffee withdraws? Tell us what happens!


Stay within the word limit of 500-1500 words.
Use a 3.5 or larger font
Post entry here, by the deadline of April 30th.

Judging Criteria - each entry will be judged on the following:

Technical Skills
Creativity & Originality
Adherence to guidelines

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Prizes & Rewards

3rd place winner: Coffee Lover's Merit Badge, ribbon for your entry, and 50,000 gift points.
2nd place winner: new, exclusive coffee trinket & Coffee Lover's merit badge + 100,000 gift points.
1st place winner: 2pc WDC Coffee Mugs from the WDC shop or the equivalent of gift points if you already have the mugs or you prefer. Coffee lover's merit badge, and new, exclusive Coffee trinket.

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