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A contest for, you guessed it, only short stories!

Please review the rules and deadline information listed below.
If you have any questions or concerns, drop me an email or leave a note in the forum below.

Write a short story
about a 'ghost writer'.

Hmmm, will there be a ghost?
Use your imaginations!

*BulletR* Any genre is accepted, assuming it follows the prompt. *BulletR*
*BulletR* Word count must be in this range: 750 min - 1000 max. *BulletR*
*BulletR* Please add word count to the end of your story. *BulletR*
*BulletR* Your story must be newly written for this contest. *BulletR*
*BulletR* Keep story ratings no higher than GC, no erotica. *BulletR*
*BulletR* Please post your story in {bitem:XXXXXX} or {entry:XXXXX}format. *BulletR*
*BulletR* The contest is open to all members. *BulletR*
*BulletR* No late entries will be allowed. *BulletR*
*Bulletr* You may edit your entries after submission and up to the deadline. *BulletR*
*BulletR* One entry per person per contest session. *BulletR*

August 31, 2021

1st Place will receive a 25K Coffee Awardicon
2nd Place will receive a Exclusive Coffee Award MB

6 entries are required for all prizes to be awarded.
3 entries are required for First Place will be awarded.

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For information on donating,
please visit
"Lilli's Coffee Shop
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