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April, 2022: The Poetry Issue
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Table of Contents

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Why are poets always destitute?

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Because rhyme doesn’t pay.

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         Every month, five stories with ties to the rainbow will be chosen from around WDC. At the end of every month, a poll will be taken to decide a winner of those five. Each story will be paid 2,000 GPs. The winner will receive the Gay and Lesbian community merit badge and will be the featured writer of The Readerie the following month.

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         In honor of NaPoWriMo, these featured poems are just a few of my favorites I found while perusing the LGBTQ+ genre. Each one is of a different poetic nature, and they tell a story we can identify with. Check ‘em out, and then go to "April’s Poll to vote on your favorite!

*Heartp*  "Quentin, Queen of the Kumquats

                   by Kåre Enga i Portugal 🇵🇹

*Hearto*  "Erin the Fair

                   by Buddhangela's Brave & Crazy

*Heartg*  "Fox

                   by jabberwocky

*Heartb*  "Transgender Woman Living in a Small Town

                   by Spencer James

*Heartv*  "Heartache

                   by dramatica01

*Heartt*  "Fairytale

                   by Victor L. Rolling Jr.

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Featured Author

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         Author Max Griffin, member of the WDC community since August 5, 2007, lives in Oklahoma with his partner (an expert knitter) and his kittens, Boris and Natasha. Self-proclaimed “Math Guy”, he is the author of a graduate textbook in real analysis and numerous research articles in nonlinear functional analysis. He is retired from a major comprehensive university in the southwest, where he held faculty appointments in mathematics and electrical engineering, as well as various administrative and executive appointments. He continues to work on accreditation issues with the Higher Learning Commission.

         Around the community, Max’s professionalism is on display throughout the more than 1500 reviews he’s done, thanks in part to his forum, "The Review Spot. He can be found writing newsletters for the site, two of which were nominated for the fifteenth annual "The Quills. He assists in hosting and judging "Cross Timbers Contest while still adding to his portfolio, a diverse delight.

         His blog, "Max's Musings, tackles everything from perfect grammar to word doodles. His stories fall within the genres of science fiction, mystery, thriller, and horror, and his books can be found for sale *Right* here.  *Left* Make sure and go to his website, https://new.maxgriffin.net wherein he offers waterfalls of knowledge concerning his love for crafting words. Below is just a handful of his talent, and be sure to say hey or give him a review. ❤️

Love Song  (18+)
A ballad in anapestic tetrameter. I wanted to see if I could write a poem; you tell me.
#1367368 by Max Griffin 🏳️‍🌈

 My Demon  ()
Another cinquain
#1791658 by Max Griffin 🏳️‍🌈

Thoughts on Writing  (NPL)
Short essays on the craft of fiction.
#1847273 by Max Griffin 🏳️‍🌈

Don’t forget to check out Max’s books which can be found here at his website   and at Amazon.Com  .

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The Rainbow Record

"The Rainbow Readerie Archives

"The LGBTQ+ Travel Agency
 The Quills

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