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A contest involving writing a horror story. Simple, really.

Have you wanted to write a horror short story?
Do you have an idea for a horror story?
Have you lost a bet and have to write a horror story?
Well, here’s your chance to give it a go!

This is a writing contest. Using the prompt at the end, write a NEW short story of 1000 to 2500 words.

I will be the judge. Works will be judged on the following:
1) The story. It must be a story, not simply a vignette. There needs to be a narrative arc.
2) The tone. That is, the sense of horror, terror or unease.
3) Technical aspects. Spelling, grammar, punctuation, paragraphing, etc. must all be as strong as possible.
4) How well the prompt is integrated.

1) The competition opens at 12:00am WdC time on June 1, 2022 and runs until 11:59pm July 31, 2022. No early or late entries will be accepted.
2) The prompt and word count must be followed.
3) To enter, start a new thread in the forum and include the story as a bitem link.
4) The prompt and word count must be included at the bottom of the actual item in a dropnote.
(How to do these two things can be found in https://www.writing.com/main/tools/action/writingml)
5) Editing of an entry can occur up to the closing date of the contest.
6) Must be a stand-alone story, not part of a series or a chapter from a book. Also, no fan-fiction.
7) No more than 2 entries per person.
8) Judge’s decisions are final.

So… what do you win? For this inaugural contest:
* First place will receive a Horror-Scary genre MB and a 25k gp black awardicon.
* Second place (awarded only if there are 6 or more entries) will receive a Horror-Scary genre MB and a 10k gp black awardicon.
* Third place (awarded only if there are 11 or more entries) will receive a Horror-Scary genre MB.

What something? Well, house is obvious (and you can go with that). But how about an office? A school? A car? A TV set? Whatever it is, it has to be haunted.
Banned items: Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies.
Yes, that does mean ghosts, ghouls, poltergeists, etc. are perfectly fine.

Good luck!

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