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You can research anything about the WDC community platform.
I observe during the time of reviewing there are a lot of promises here and there. The poets with various writing styles. It is a golden opportunity to learn and earn. You can choose a poet or writer and enlighten them about their writing styles. You will earn in every step.
Step-I:- You submit your subject of Micro-Research with the probable chapters. If it is accepted, you will get 2K GPs instantly. If it is not approved, I must intimate the cause. You re-submit it.
Step-II:- After completion of every chapter for approval. If it approves. You will get 1K GPs per chapter.
Step-III:- After completion of your book, You will be awarded a Merit Badge, !0K GPs and your book will get an awardicon.
You can use black coloured ink only.
The cover may be colourful.
Even, various earning systems and the History of WDC may be your subject.
I hope, everybody will donate something.
To know detail see:-
 What Is Micro-Research?  (E)
What Is Micro-Research?
#2281890 by Dr Rupali Goswami

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