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It is a forum that loves to write articles.
What is a Micro- article?
It is mainly written for magazines and blogs.
It should be clear, to the point and logical.
Try to always remain on the point.
It should be artistic.
Unnecessary sentences create a negative impact.
Word limit: 50 to 200 words.
I will give you two subjects or issues.
You need to write those but in a b-item format.
Each entry will get 100 Gift Points.
Special mention and winner will judge separately.
Every Special mention will get 250 GPs.
Two winners will get 500 GPs.
Last Date of Entry:- Last day of the month.
Enjoy an excellent literary time.

Kindly donate. Any donation is appreciated.
But, anything over 50K GPs will be awarded a Merit Badge.
Kind DOnos
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by Dr Rupali Goswami  •  01-01-23 @ 3:51 am
by Dave  •  12-30-22 @ 11:37 pm
by Dr Rupali Goswami  •  12-06-22 @ 10:57 pm
by Jellyfish  •  12-06-22 @ 5:18 pm
by Dr Rupali Goswami  •  01-01-23 @ 3:52 am

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