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by Gaby
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The game starts Sept. 1st! I'll see you in August for the preparations.

2017 Winners:

We'll see you in September of 2018 for another season of GoT!

Donations can be made throughout the year. Our funds support dozens of members as well as three winning groups, and your help and donation will give us the nudge in the right direction! If you decide to donate, it'll be greatly appreciated. *Heart*

Donors donating 100+K will receive the following Merit Badge:

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Hello and welcome to GoT!

In case you're curious about the game - and I'm not around - ask around, post a note on the newsfeed and you'll probably get a lot of different answers. Some may say it's an awesome game full of different challenges where you can meet many other Writing.com members while working alongside them, while others may say it's a difficult game where endurance, dedication, blood, sweat, and tears are all part of it. I'll let you be the judge.

How the game works:

*Bulletr* You can gather your own team - 5-10 members - in order to participate or you can join a team already in existence.
*Bulletr* You get to choose your team's name based on the sigils/banners presented in the game.
*Bulletr* We start preparations a month before the game starts because it isn't easy gathering a dedicated team sometimes.
*Bulletr* You will work very closely with your team members.
*Bulletr* Each team gets their own private chamber where they can discuss strategies.
*Bulletr* Dedication and hard work pays off but it's not an easy game to participate in.
*Bulletr* If you want to win, you better learn to manage your time wisely.
*Bulletr* The actual rules of the game are revealed right before its start and not before.
*Bulletr* No one knows the rules until they are posted - not even me, its creator.
*Bulletr* The game is loosely based on the books and the show Game Of Thrones by George R. R. Martin.
*Bulletr* Once the game starts it'll be a love/hate relationship and you'll say that you won't participate again, but guess what! *Wink*

I hope you join us in August for the preparations. In the meantime, you can sit back relax, or like those who've participated in previous years, sit eagerly at the edge of your chair and wait expectantly to see what I might possibly be doing behind the scenes. *Angelic*

At this time, I'm looking for some serious and dedicated applicants who would like to help me run the game for the entire month of September. You need to realize that helping me with the game means being present on the site each day at least a few hours. How you divide your time for the game is up to you, but you'll have to be in contact with me throughout and certain updates are needed on a regular basis. I'm willing to work with you to see which parts of the game would be better suited for you.

While the game is tough on its players, the same goes for those running the show. Are you willing and able to help me on this journey in September? If so, please email me. *Wink*

Current Forest Children:
Jim Hall

With six forums being part of the game, things will have to change a bit and I hope you are ready for those changes. As much as I'd love to tell you about it now, it's still too early. Trust me, it's hard to keep this secret all to myself, but until August rolls around, it's safer that way. One thing I can tell you is, it should be a bit easier and less stressful. That's coming from the Keeper Of The Realm herself. *Wink*
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