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by Lexi
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LPC Round 54 open. Pick a title, create a poem.
Lexi's Poetry Challenge Banner, created by Aqua_Mantis
Created by ~ Aqua ~

Welcome (back) everyone to my poetry challenge! Pull up a seat and get ready for Round 54!

*Note1* It's quite simple: pick a title, create a poem.


Pick a Title:

1. Knock First
2. In My Sleep
3. Fire and Flame
4. We Were Kings
5. At Arms Length
6. Carry You Home
7. Nautical Twilight
8. A Day Too Soon
9. Our Love Ran Red
10. Unwanted Reminders

The rules are as follows :

*Bullet* Please post entry by bitem format. If you are not upgraded, you may post a poem directly in the forum but its rating must NOT exceed 13+. All posts submitted in bitem format cannot exceed 18+ rating. If you do not know how to post your entry in bitem format, please see "How to Post in A Forum.

*Bullet* Please state which title you have chosen in the subject of your post.

*Bullet* Congrats folks, at this time: Up to three entries per person. However, you can only enter once per title. Judging is based on separate entries, so he or she can place more than once within a round.

*Bullet* Poems MUST be newly created for this contest. Do not change the title of an existing piece in order to enter. Doing that defeats the purpose of this contest.

*Bullet* Entries must be in by 11:59pm Writing.Com time on August 12, 2016.

*Bullet* Judging will begin August 12, 2016 and winners will be announced within 4 to 6 weeks. I allow that length of time because it truly depends on the amount of entries and my work schedule. I do review the poems while the contest is still open; however, I go back and read them again during the judging process.

*Bullet* There is NO entry fee but donations are greatly appreciated!


First Place: A Shiny LPC Merit Badge and 20,000 gps
Second Place: A Shiny LPC Merit Badge and 10,000 gps
Third Place: A Shiny LPC Merit Badge
Honorable Mentions: 5,000 gps

Merit Badge in Lexis Poetry Challenge
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Congratulations on your new "Lexi's Poetry Challenge" merit badge for your group,  [Link To Item #701412] ! Thank you for supporting the Writing.Com community with your inspirations, participation and activities. We appreciate it! -SMs

*Note1* I will award more than one winner per place if I deem necessary. Here are the "Winners of Lexi's Contests [18+].

*Star* Thank you, donators:

Madame Lunacy! ,Shadow Panther ,Laserfox ,Dr M C Gupta ,Pam , Paige has found her muse! ,Brenpoet 19 years WDC! ,Becky Simpson ,asankar,Octobers Lie ,Anonoymous,Tracy Lord Lashelle Wolter ,Princess Megan Rose ,Mommy4Life ,Chris & Christina McCoy ,Vivian ,MaryLou ,Fictiøn Ðiva the Wørd Weava ,John~Ashen ,Ghagiel ,Shadow ,Kathleen ,pastiche ,Tammy~Catchin Up~ ,adagio ,ReJoyce and Smile more! ,amaiyaamir ,Badkittycat ,Aquarian Girl ,Butterfly_is_Blue ,madmanmike,Rebecca Laffar-Smith , Chris Haines ,DragonsDream *Aryana* ,Kate - Writing Anew ,theother,marieg777, Anonymous Angel,dmack ,Helen , Daizy~lovin'thesummer ,💗🅲🆄🅱🅱🆈⛸️ ,MDuci ,mars ,Pen Name ,Merrijane , Raider Capt. J.R. ,Blueyez ,embe ,Julie D - PUBLISHED! ,jaan,Chaplain Marvin Schrebe, CPRSS , ANN Counselor, Lesbian & Happy , aegreenfield, catdok , Schnujo , Mari McKee , Brownchild , Fran 🏅🇬🇧🇬🇧🏅 , catdok

*Exclaim* Contributed more than once:

winklett ,chenoa ,Mariposa ,~Wind in my Wings~ ,Hanna ,Inner Peace ,Starr - Honored by Quill Noms! ,gailey ,jacky was sick, missed you! ,Laart1-Season of the Heart ,VerySara ,Sirjerry ,COUNTRYMOM-JUST REMEMBER ME ,Thomas ,Essayist of the Year Just in Sight ,Mark ,SHERRI GIBSON ,auric, finnley , Same Ol' Sum1 , Starr - Honored by Quill Noms! ,

*Star* See all the "Lexi's Poetry Challenge Titles [13+]; perhaps you'll get inspired!

If you have any questions please email Lexi
Good Luck and always remember to have fun!!!

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