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Where you can request an upgrade from RAOK.
RAOK's logo image.  This is a shared image, so feel free to use its item number.

Request an Upgrade From RAOK

PLEASE read prerequisites in red below
before posting for an upgrade for yourself or another member!

RAOK ("RAOK Upgrade Brigade Group) was originally created1 as a "Random Acts of Kindness" way to grant lucky Writing.Com members with an Upgraded membership. Over the years, RAOK has gifted over a thousand Upgraded memberships to our authors and we plan on doing so for many years to come!

RAOK gifts Upgraded memberships and does not give Basic or Premium upgrades. This enables us to give out more individual two-month upgrades and thus help as many Writing.Com authors as we can. In addition, upgrades are only given to primary accounts, not authorized secondary accounts.

If you know of someone whom you think needs or deserves an upgrade, post their USERNAME portfolio link in the forum. (For help on linking to a member, click here: WritingML Help for user.) If you are requesting an upgrade for yourself, post your request in this forum. Family members (siblings, spouses, parents, etc.) may not nominate each other.

In addition, please note that all upgrades are sent within two weeks prior to the present upgrade's expiration, but not any earlier.

RAOK Prerequisites and Rules for Nominees

*Bullet* A newbie nominee must have been a Writing.com member for at least a month.

*Bullet* A nominee who has been a Writing.com member for 5 months or longer must have given a minimum of ten reviews (250 characters or more of private or public reviews) during the last three months.

*Bullet* All nominees must have at least eight VISIBLE items in their ports.

*Bullet* DO NOT request an upgrade for yourself or another member if current upgrade DOES NOT expire in less than two months.

*Bullet* DO NOT flood the posts with repeated requests. Repeated posts will be deleted.

*Bullet* DO NOT request a donation of Gift Points to maintain an upgrade. GP requests will be deleted.

*Bullet* Above all, DO NOT ASK the RAOK managers to break the above rules as a special consideration for your situation. It won't happen!

While we would love to upgrade everyone, there are no guarantees being offered by having this forum. IF you have writings that you DO NOT want to lose should your upgrade expires, download them NOW to your hard drive. Writing.Com is not responsible to safeguard your writings once a membership expires.

1  A special thank you to Papillon , original creator of this wonderful idea and group, and also to gailey , who helped manage the group until it was given to Writing.Com Support .

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