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Tell me the weirdest place the Muse compelled you to sit down to write and win gp's!
OK, I'm driving to work this morning and my mind starts to wander through a story I'm working on. A momentary surge of panic hits me. "Oh no, Not again!" are the words that form in my mind as I remember the time the Writing Muse hit me at work and I spent 4 hours writing a short story instead of working. My Boss even stopped in twice and complimented me on my devotion to getting the "report" I was working on done. I felt so guilty that I took work home that weekend to make up for it.

BUT, that's not the weirdest place the Muse has ever struck. I once spent 2 hours locked in the stall of a public bathroom in a mall writing a story on a steno pad while the rest of my family shopped 'til they dropped.....

Can anybody top this?

What's the weirdest place you were when you were absolutely compelled by the Gods to sit down and write?

The winner will receive 1000 gp's.

2nd & 3rd place will receive 250 gp's each.

Donations are welcome. Please!

Thanks to the Generosity of Sultry Enchantress the pizes have been increased!

1st place is now worth 5000gp's!!
2nd & 3rd palce will each receive 2500gp's!!

Any excess Gp's will be donated to RAOK

Contest will run until midnight January 15, 2004

Winner announced by January 20, 2004

I'm the one, the only, Judge.

Will accept entries up through 18+

This is my first contest so please enter!
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