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Do you have an item that isn't getting reviews? Come on in! (OPEN!)
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I'm Roseille ♥

Want a review? I'd love to! But I also want to share the love. With your review request, link to a recent (within the last two weeks) public review you have given to another writer's work—any writer! There are no requirements re: format except that your linked review be at least the required minimum of 250 characters and be an example of your efforts to provide helpful feedback to fellow writers. Not sure where to start? This may help:

On Giving Reviews  (E)
Are you speechless when you stare at that little reviewing box? Here are some tips.
#1065724 by Roseille ♥

Notes and Guidelines:

*Star**Bullet* Along with the link to the item you'd like reviewed, remember to post a link to any public review you've done in the last two weeks. In order to make a review public, you simply have to check the "Make Public" option underneath the reviewing box. Don't know how to link to stories and reviews? Check this out: "*Right*Guide to Linking Items and Reviews"  )

*Star**Bullet* I will not review full novels. However, I'll gladly review the first chapter!

*Star**Bullet* Please post only one item at a time. I'll gladly accept up to two review requests per month from the same person. Feel free to request feedback on poems or works of fiction or creative nonfiction at or under 20KB.

*Star**Bullet* I might not be the best reviewer for erotica and romance. No judgment, just preference. (Not sure? Don't hesitate to ask! Title your post: OT: Question.) I can read stories that depict romance or sexual acts, but if they are the most prominent themes in the story, I would strongly prefer not to read them. I will gladly review items at and under the GC rating. I enjoy grittily real and surprising stories. I do not enjoy reading lengthy depictions of explicit acts. Regardless of the item rating, the message body of your posts must remain at or under 13+, which is the forum rating.

*Star**Bullet* My goal as a reviewer is to be encouraging, constructive, and honest. I will make full use of the WDC rating scale. I have several years of experience as a college writing tutor and campus creative writing group co-leader. I believe that only through helpful, kind, and constructive feedback will writers grow. My ratings are, unavoidably, subjective. In other words, if something knocked my socks off but had a few typos, it may get a perfect rating despite not being technically flawless. If a story is technically perfect but doesn't engage my brain or my heart at all, I will not be able to give it a perfect rating, but I will do my best to describe why it kept me at a distance. Many good stories with solid content might get a middling rating if many issues distracted me from their otherwise engaging storytelling. If I send a rating at or under 3.5, I'm happy to return and re-evaluate if the writer has made edits. Speaking of ratings:

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Special thanks to:

carebear *Star* Mark *Star* SilverValkyre loves YOU! *Star* Schnujo

For donations and the awardicon on this item!

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Hover over each item type to see how I will review it.

Stories / Creative Nonfiction *Star* Poems *Star* Articles / Essays

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Feel free to take a look at my recent public reviews  .
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