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Apr 20, 2007 at 6:20pm
Re: Re: Re: Hello
         How long have you had only the braces to help by now? Has your doctor said there aren't any other medications that you can try? Sounds like there should be alternatives for you.
         Are you looking into other options? How do you feel about getting a second opinion? I'm just letting you know the first thoughts I had after reading your comment, in the hope that something turns up soon to help you out. It's not fair for you to be left in that position.
         I'll be praying for you to find a treatment that works for you. Take care, and drop by anytime you like.

--- Jim
Hello · 04-17-07 2:05am
by ⭐Princette♥PengthuluBOO
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by Incurable Romantic
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by Incurable Romantic

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