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Jun 10, 2007 at 9:16pm
Re: Hey Rose
You may already know them... Just click on the tiles by pairs to remove them all. The only condition is that they must both be free : no tile ON them, and at least one side free -- no tile on their left or no tile on their right, at least in the original rules. The tiles must be identical, except if they belong to a Flower or a Season family. In this case, they have to be from the same family. You will find only one tile of each kind, i.e. four season tiles and four flower tiles. For the other kinds of tiles, there are four of each (i.e. two pairs) on the board.
My best time so far for the Traditional layout... 1:54 on February 26, 1999. It was the first time I cleared it in less than two minutes ! *Smile*
My best time so far in 3D mode for the same layout is 2:07, achieved on August 6, 1999, with the Ivory tileset and the Emphasize 3D option.

The girl will smile if you are doing well. When you have less than 8 moves left, she stops smiling. Under 3 moves left, she will be very sad.

Rules of SOLITAIRE (2 players)

The rules are the same. Take a friend with you and start a game. Player 1 starts first. You can see the "PLAY 1" that blinks. As opposed to "PLAY 2", you bet. Both players have to use the mouse, so a small delay is allowed between each move to leave them some time to hand over the mouse. Remove the tiles as soon as possible and hand over the mouse to your friend... The winner is the player who has the lowest time. (the quicker you are, the better you do !)
Hey, I know you can't call that a "Solitaire" when there are two players... I'm open to any suggestion *Smile*
Some features are disabled in this mode : Pause, Back, Hint, and everything that calls the Help dialog box (About, Player name, Hall of fame, etc.) Moreover, Shuffling the game doesn't add any penalty.

The girl will smile if you are doing well. When you have less than 8 moves left, she'll stop smiling. Under 3 moves left, she will be very sad.

Rules of RIVERS

The layout is replaced by a large wall full of tiles. This time, you can select any tile you want. The goal is the same : remove all the tiles from the board, by matching them by pairs. There is only one rule to connect two identical tiles : if you try to draw an horizontal and vertical line through the free space between them, there must not be more than two corners in the line, i.e. if you have to turn more than twice to arrive in front of the other tile, you can't select it. Of course, if two tiles are side to side, you can remove them immediately. If you don't understand the rules, try the game for some minutes (and press "Hint" a few times), I'm sure you'll finally understand ! This game variation is absolutely great.

There are two difficulty levels : Easy mode features only one floor of tiles, and Hard mode features two floors. It is even more than twice harder because you may mistake the floors between themselves, and still, you must finish the floors independently. My best time in Easy mode is 1:10 in 2D. My best time so far in Hard mode is 1:58, and my previous best time was 2:43... Finally, and I was as surprised as you might be when you hear this, my best time for the Easy board in 3D mode is 52 seconds ! Yes, 18 seconds better than my best time in 2D ! It was achieved on August 6, 1999. My lucky day !

The girl will smile if you are doing well. When you spend more than two minutes on the board, she'll stop smiling. After four minutes, she will be very sad.

Rules of MEMORY

You probably all know what Memory / Concentration is. All the tiles are face down, and you can see two of them for a limited amount of time. If they are the same, they will disappear. Otherwise, they will be hidden again. The game stops when you have removed all of the tiles. The difference from your usual Memory game is that the cards are based on the Mahjongg tileset, and you can find four cards of each kind instead of two. It is recommended to play only the 32-tile Easy Memory game because the 60-tile Hard Memory game is a nightmare. My best time in Easy mode : 1:12, on 25/05/99...

The girl will smile if you are doing well. When you spend more than one minute on the board, she'll stop smiling. After two minutes, she'll be very sad.

Rules of CLICKS

This game is based on a cool freeware game I found on the Internet, Clickomania (thanks to its author for blessing me). The purpose of the game is, once again, to empty the board by removing pairs (or more) of tiles. You can click on a group of tiles provided that there are two of them or more linked together. The gravity laws apply here and the tiles that are on top of removed tiles will fall down. And when you remove an entire column, the columns to its right will go to the left. There are two difficulty levels (Easy with 4 different tile colors, and Hard with 6 different tile colors). It's extremely hard to complete the Hard game, so when there are no more moves left, you are given the choice to give up (and enter the Hall of fame if you made a good score) or go back one move and retry. You can go back until the beginning of the game (unlimited undo). Good luck !

The girl will smile if you are doing well. When you have less than 25 moves left, she'll stop smiling. Under 7 moves left, she will be very sad.

Rules of SLIDER

Slider is based on various games (it seems that the original was a Russian DOS game) that I found very addictive (at least I and Helene spent some time on some of them !). I wanted to have it in Kyodai as well ! The purpose is, again, to remove as many tiles as possible. You must form horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines of 5 tiles or more. There's also a "joker" tile (in form of a question mark) that stands for any other type of tile. Each turn will add three new tiles to the board. You are then allowed to move a tile to another place, provided than it can slide freely on the board to its new position. Click on a tile, try to move it somewhere else and you'll understand quickly. As you can see, these rules are quite easy to understand ! Have fun.

The girl will smile if you are doing well. When you have more than 30 tiles on the board, she'll stop smiling. With over 60 tiles, she will be very sad. My best scores so far : 1242 (on 24/08/99) in Easy mode, and 290 in Hard mode ^^; (I only played seriously twice... *Wink*)

Rules of HASHIRA

This is a popular game similar to all Tetris clones, this time with colors to gather instead of lines. A three-tile column falls from the top of the screen. You can use the keyboard arrows (or your joystick/joypad) to move the column, and the up arrow to swap the three tiles between themselves. The purpose is to form columns, rows or diagonals of at least three tiles of the same color. The more tiles are in a "column", the more points you earn. When you form a column, its tiles disappear and the other tiles can fall. If they form another column when falling (it's usually called a "chain reaction"), you get even more points. Basically, the points are doubled when the column is in a first chain reaction. When a column is formed in a second chain reaction, the points are tripled. Etc. Every time you remove 30 tiles from the board, the speed rises a bit. I hope you'll find this new game challenging ! My best score so far : 154600, on 23/05/99, at 83 frames per second... *Smile* (The higher the FPS are, the faster the game is...)

Kyodai Mahjongg is © Copyright 1997, 1998, 1999 by René-Gilles Deberdt.
All rights reserved.

Have a Great Day!

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