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Welcome Trekkers. Have a cup of Klingon Raktajino, and enjoy our friendly Starbase.
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Sep 22, 2007 at 11:15am
What's your favorite episode?
by Maryann
What is your favorite Star Trek episode?

I have a few favorites from each TV series, but I'll just tell you one of my favorites from each. *Smile*

In Star Trek: The Original Series, I would say that I like episode 24 , "The Other Side of Paradise." Spock experienced love and enjoyed laughing.

In Star Trek: The Next Generation, I'm going to say episode 158, "Phantasms." Data experiences dreams. My favorite part is when Riker has a straw coming out of his head, and Dr. Crusher is drinking something out of it. There's a telephone ringing in the background and Riker says, "Aren't you going to answer that?"

Moving on to Star Trek: Voyager, I will say episode 69, "Scorpion II", where Voyager gets Seven of Nine.

For Star Trek: Enterprise, I will pick "Carbon Creek", the second episode of season two. It leaves us wondering if the vulcan's story that three Vulcan's crash landed on Earth in the 1950s was true or false. *Smile*

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Welcome Trekkers. Have a cup of Klingon Raktajino, and enjoy our friendly Starbase.
by Maryann

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What's your favorite episode? · 09-22-07 11:15am
by Maryann
Re: What's your favorite episode? · 09-23-07 12:26pm
by Amy du Lac Bleu
Re: What's your favorite episode? · 10-03-07 1:38am
by CarenRose (writes about Roni!)
Re: Re: What's your favorite episode? · 10-04-07 10:19pm
by CarenRose (writes about Roni!)

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