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Sep 23, 2007 at 12:26pm
Re: What's your favorite episode?
I don't know the names of the episodes but there was one with Picard and a flute and another one where the Enterprise met the Enterprise C and Tasha Yar is back and at the end Picard is firing the phasers as the Enterprise is being attacked and Riker is all dead and mangled and there was one where Riker brought this game on board that got everybody addicted and Wesley Crusher (I think I'm the only fan in the universe that favors poor Wesley as a character with potential). The old series I am less familiar but I liked the one where Kirk and Spock end up back in time and save some lady from being killed and Spock has this skull cap on to cover his ears. There was one DS9 episode I can recall that featured Jake Sisco and the passage of time but it's been so long. Voyager never had an episode that stood out but I've only seen a handful anyway Paris got a ship and fell in love with it or something but it was dangerous I don't remember the rest, and I only saw the pilot of Enterprise.
What's your favorite episode? · 09-22-07 11:15am
by Maryann
*Star* Re: What's your favorite episode? · 09-23-07 12:26pm
by Amy du Lac Bleu
Re: What's your favorite episode? · 10-03-07 1:38am
by CarenRose (writes about Roni!)
Re: Re: What's your favorite episode? · 10-04-07 10:19pm
by CarenRose (writes about Roni!)

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