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Welcome Trekkers. Have a cup of Klingon Raktajino, and enjoy our friendly Starbase.
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Sep 24, 2007 at 7:27pm
Greetings To All
I'm C.J. Ortiz and I'm From Puerto Rico. I'm an Avid Star Trek Fan and have watch all the Series and all the Movies...(Haven't we all?) Anyway I have been Role Playing a character in the Star Trek Universe for the past 10 Years and unfortunately had to give it up for lack of available time.. But... (there is always a but...) I have made a long story of this character and well i hope to write a book about him... so... in the spirit of Trek.. I am Boldly going were i have never been and that is really getting down to business and writing.

Oh BTW, i think Benjamin Sisko is the Uber-Starfleet Officer... Enterprise is the a really nice view to what Pre-TOS Trek would have been... But DS-9 is my Favorite Series.. ST-IV is the funniest ST film ever but Insurrection is the most Gritty of them all, it felt almost real...

Oh Well those are my 2 cent's worth.


I'm C.J. Ortiz and I'm a Trekker!
Greetings To All · 09-24-07 7:27pm
by Daniel X. Mancuso
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by Acme
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by The Knight Has Found Romance

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