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Sep 5, 2008 at 9:44am
Bread Crust
I wondered if you still had this! *Laugh*

My child will not eat her bread crust. Then a week ago, she started to eat her crust everyday and now has stopped again. I'm tired of throwing the crust out and wondered if there is something I could say to convince her to return to eating the stuff.

I got to wondering if anyone knows if crust has a better or worse nutritional value, too. because, I could convince myself it is better for her not to eat it if it's less healthy. I wonder if someone has studied bread crust and determined once and for all that we should or should not push this stuff on our kids.

My mom used to tell me it would make my hair curly. That was not a compelling argument. Then my dad said it would put hair on my chest and I was even more repulsed. I'd like to know if it will make a child taller, stronger, or smarter...something more convincing.

Mr. Bread Heels
Bread Crust · 09-05-08 9:44am
by Brian K Compton
Re: Bread Crust · 09-05-08 10:20am
by Mumsy
Re: Re: Bread Crust · 09-05-08 10:34am
by Brian K Compton

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