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You've been transported to Europe, ca 1000 AD. Can you survive, or better yet, thrive?
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Feb 14, 2009 at 2:38pm
Europe 1000 AD
Okay, so, where to go. Probably France because I speak some french, and it is somewhat near Latin. It might not be much, but the language would be a start. Clothes would have to come next. I would probably do the same as the rest of you and "borrow" a set. But, we have to remember this would be harder than it sounds, most people on had one set of clothes and they would were them at all times.
If I couldn't find clothes, well, however embarrassing it would be my life would consist of making clothes out of some scraps, sitting in an alley in some medieval town, and begging for money. You don't have to know the language to beg.
If I could get my hands on some clothes, thinks could be much better for me. After getting clothes the first step would be to find work. Farm work would be doable, and allow me the chance to learn the language, and maybe save up some money or food for step two of my plan. After I had learned enough of the language to be able to survive I would pack up and head for a city or large village. This would give me several options.

Option 1.)Enlist---Join some sort of army or militia. It provides money, and to a limited degree for non-nobles, the chance of advancement.

Option 2.)Find a Job---Find someone in the city who needs an employee. The only problem is, my language skills would probably still be limited, so it would be very hard to find a job.

Option 3.)Beg---It doesn't sound like an attractive option to most people. But, it offers survival in a limited sense, and if I was in the south of France the weather wouldn't get to unbearable.

Out of those options number three would be the easiest, then one, then two. So, I would probably resort to begging. It's not pretty, but it keep me alive. Heck, if a crusade came around in my time, I could always join in. There was plenty of opportunity for advancement in a crusade.
Europe 1000 AD · 02-14-09 2:38pm
by mellophone1
Re: Europe 1000 AD · 05-03-09 10:24am
by Victoria Earle

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