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You've been transported to Europe, ca 1000 AD. Can you survive, or better yet, thrive?
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Aug 24, 2009 at 8:34am
1000 AD Germany
by Heitzig
Wow... I would probably have to brush up on my German a bit - fortunately I did study the history of the German language in college as well so that may come in useful! Being 6'2" with Blonde hair and blue eyes should help me fit in Germany more than say in Spain at that time.

I think the biggest decision to make would be whether to work with or against the Holy Roman Empire. Of course, for the sake of survival I may have to side with the Empire as we all know what they did to the heathen tribes. Hopefully, my language skills will keep my head firmly attached between my shoulders and I can work as a court jester type or poet. Anything to survive... maybe I'll take my knowledge of some writing styles and become the grandfather of the Sonnet ages before Shakespeare is even born!

OH, the possibilities!

I also have a very well developed sense of direction - never been lost except once - in my life. Between that and some basic survival skills I think I could make the most of a delicate situation and find a way to thrive.
1000 AD Germany · 08-24-09 8:34am
by Heitzig
Re: 1000 AD Germany · 10-20-09 10:56pm
by Victoria Earle

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