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You've been transported to Europe, ca 1000 AD. Can you survive, or better yet, thrive?
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Apr 9, 2010 at 9:22pm
Living the Viking Life
If I woke up in the year 1000, I'd want to be in Scandinavia. I've got a rough grasp of the Runic alphabet (although I can't speak a word of Nordic!). I'd want to be part of the Viking raiding parties, travelling across the seas in longboats. I's encourage another journey to the west, across the ocean to Vinland. They would write another saga: Stephen Kevinsson's Saga (Snazzy title!) Being 6'3" with blonde hair and a beard that grows at an impressive rate would probably help to blend in a bit!

Unfortunately, I'd be neary ninety (providing I was still alive at all) in the year 1066, and would probably be unable to do anything to prevent the defeat of Harald Hardrada at Stamford Bridge, and so the end of the Viking Era.
Living the Viking Life · 04-09-10 9:22pm
by Huntsman_2701
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by Victoria Earle
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