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Dec 18, 2001 at 6:44am
Re: Hello Irmalene
 (This message was edited by suzqmg on 12-18-01 @ 6:46 am EST)

Dear Jimbo,
May I call you Jimbo? We've been corresponding for some time now and I feel we should be on a first name basis. According to the "Super Thesaurus" a "Twit" which incidentally is spelled correctly, is an idiot or a jerk and please see moron, which I guess means to go take a look at you. I'm glad we finally cleared up the matter about accepting the money rather than a check. I went down to the Qickstop and tried to get a money order, but when I pulled those ones out of my garter the clerk said he couldn't accept no hazardous waste cause it was no telling where those ones had been, anyway I couldn't get the money order so, since you accept cash, I'm just enclosing those ones. Tell Bubba that he can just send me two gift packs for next Christmas since I don't give Easter presents. I still have that last dead pigeon of yours that I haven't ete yet so I'll just give that to my boss for this Christmas. I'm sure it might not stink as much as your cheese, but it'll just have to do. Tell Irmalene hello and not to worry about our long distance relationship, asking aint getting(oh Lord help me I'm starting to sound like you!) If I was married to a man as dumb as you I'd probably worry about him too. Looking forward to meeting you, Bubba and what's his name at the Dummy Reunion on April Fool's Day and be sure to bring Irmalene too. I'd like to meet the woman stupid enough to be jealous over you.

Warmest Regards,

"To write is to find release, to write well, immortality."
Susan Millner Graham
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Re: Hello Irmalene · 12-18-01 6:44am
by La Belle Rouge

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