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Dec 27, 2001 at 12:58am
Re: Merry Christmas Jimbo
Jim Whinnery, Head Whiner

Dear Mrs. Graham Miler,

What do you mean, contest? I heered 'em talkin round the offis 'bout some kind a contest and I figured it out. Yu'all a throwin a contest to see if you kin make a fool out'n old Jim Winnery. Well, I got news for yu...hit's already ben done, so thu contest is over!

And I'm a gonna close with a poem jest like you done wrote.

Roses ar red,
violets they be blue;
I'm done,
and thu contest is thru!

Murry Christmas and may the best man, woman, or dummy win.

WHinningly Yours
Jim Whinnery, Head Chief Head Whiner
Re: Merry Christmas Jimbo · 12-27-01 12:58am
by Writer of the Winds

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