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Oct 11, 2013 at 3:13pm
Sci-fi help concerning humans living offworld please.
Hi guys, I started my first sci-fi novel and ran into problems concerning where these guys are actually gonna live! Their technology levels mean they've got inter-planetary travel nailed down but inter-stellar travel isn't going to be a viable option yet. I've looked into it abit and kicked all the gaseous planets off the list straightaway as well as venus, cause that planet is just harsh. At the moment it looks like it'll either be them living in artificial satellites surrounding planets or below ground, aswell as a few moons that could support limited life.

Their inter-planet technology works based on anti-gravity and gravity manipulation technology, which is why I'm looking into artificial satellites. (Easy to go very fast although not above speed of light, radiation is what'll make inter-stellar stuff a no-no.)
Any help would be great, thanks.
Sci-fi help concerning humans living offworld please. · 10-11-13 3:13pm
by Aston JW

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