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May 27, 2017 at 9:52pm
Do The Borg Dream?
This seemed like the best place to ponder my question and I welcome everyone to ponder it with me I have a passion for technology and it's connection with the ancients. So, when I came across the 2045 Initiative, Brain Mapping Initiative, and Sentient World Simulation as real technology happening in my lifetime, I went back and visited SNG's Borg.

When the Borg were introduced in SNG in the 1980s it was intriguing. However, when I watched a clip on the tube about how the Borg were created, my neurons fired. I wondered about the war in heaven that came to earth. I wondered, if we had been defeated by such a force and now live in a 'matrix' or uni-matrix would we dream? And, if we dreamed would it be of a world we once lived in re-created in a matrix?

LOL. Ponderings of a crazy old women in a mad world, okay. *Martian*
Do The Borg Dream? · 05-27-17 9:52pm
by HWinB.C.

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