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Dec 2, 2018 at 6:58am
*Questionb*Re: VARSOL?? VARSE OIL??
by Zen
The liquid in a compass will vary depending on manufacturer, intended use and quality of the compass. The viscosity of the liquid is used to curtail the compass 'spinning', but replacing the liquid in a compass with the wrong type or especially viscosity can damage the compass seals or usablility (it might strip the markings). If the liquid has drained out, you have a bigger problem - the seals are damaged and need to be replaced before a liquid is introduced.

There are two basic types of fluid used: alcohol and mineral oil. The "Varse Oil" you suggest may or may not be a fictional product, or the trademarked name of something much more common - e.g. lamp oil. Esso used to produce a product called Bayol, for example.

Ships tend to change direction slowly and usually when they want to. Small boats are affected by every wave that crashes into them. Therefore, on a boat, you would want the compass to settle quickly, yet avoid being spun like a top. The viscosity is very important to the use the compass is designed for. Similar problems occur with light aircraft.

It is useful to know how to perform research in modern search engines. I discovered all this information by posing a question directly into the google search bar (the question mark is important): what is the oil in compasses?

You can ensure phrases occur (and not just the words in random places) by enclosing a phrase in quotes: "nobody expects the spanish inquisition"

You can refine searches by eliminating results containing specific words. To ensure documents containing the word nomenclature do not appear in the results: -nomenclature

For multiple words: -help -nomenclature

To ensure a word absolutely must appear in a result: +definitely

I hope this helps.
*Questionv*VARSOL?? VARSE OIL?? · 12-01-18 12:44pm
by ruwth
*Star* Re: VARSOL?? VARSE OIL?? · 12-02-18 6:58am
by Zen
Re: VARSOL? Jake Johann... · 12-02-18 8:26am
by ruwth

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