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Jan 29, 2019 at 3:22pm
Welcome Newbies to Writing.com!
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Welcome Newbies to Writing.com!

NOTE FROM Whata 4Cs Now Open :

I'd like to introduce Dominique Dominique is "WhataLand's new Assistant. She's still learning (so go easy on her) but she's gonna be a big help to me She's a fast learner and I have desperately needed the help. Please make her feel welcome, my wonderful peeps: stop in and say HI, ask a question, or for older members— try to STUMP this CHUMP *Ha* Double dog dare ya *Smirk2* THANKS GUYS.

~Whata (Adrie)


Whata and I want to take this opportunity to welcome you newer members to Writing.com! This is an exciting, fully interactive place where you control your experience through your level of participation in the site's numerous activities. Here, you can be as active as you want to be, but first you'll need to learn how to NAVIGATE around Writing.com (or WdC) in order to take full advantage of its many features.

You may have found this POST listed in the NEWSFEED1 area of the site, or perhaps you've stumbled upon it yourself. Regardless of how you got here, it helps to know where you are on WdC! So, where are you? You're either in your NEWSFEED or you're in "WhataLand Follow the link to this post in WhataLand: "Welcome Newbies to Writing.com!"  

Now you're definitely in "WhataLand! What is this place? This is a MESSAGE FORUM2 one of the most wonderful places on the site. In forums you post messages, people REPLY or COMMENT to your posts, and you can REPLY back. See the FOOTNOTE3 link at the bottom of this FORUM POST4.

"WhataLand here has a LOT of LINKS (and more to come!) to point you in the direction of further help where you can read, test, and find out how to do things all on your own. We've tried to make this place as easy to understand as possible, and the more you know, the more fun you can have on WdC. There's also GIFT POINT5 rewards, MERIT BADGE6 giveaways, and free TRINKETS7in here.

Confused? Don't be. Read, Learn, Test, and then POST YOUR LESSON RESULTS HERE IN THE FORUM for 2,000 GPs (Gift Points) and other rewards! Every correctly posted LESSON from "WhataLand Warehouse (WLW) is eligible. Start HERE: "Start Here! ~ DIRECTORY of LESSONS ~ Start Here! If you have QUESTIONS regarding the Lessons, or anything about the site, please START A NEW POST and ask away— we will answer just as soon as we notice your post. To make it quicker, copy and paste this into your POST: {user:mindexplore4} & {user:whata} and we will be notified through WdC's NOTIFICATION8system of your post. We like answering QUESTIONS! If we don't have an answer for you, we'll direct you to someone who does.

If you are super shy, you may feel free to email me directly at: Dominique by clicking on the little envelope, see it there? That takes you to your onsite EMAIL9 where you can ask me your question privately. But don't be too shy, we've all been newbies before—technically, I still am!— we've all got to start somewhere *Bigsmile*


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We could use a few DONATIONS if anyone has a small amount of GPs lying around. Nothing major! We have EXCLUSIVE Merit Badges to give you in return: Whata CatOnACloud or the NON-Fiction. There's one more too, hmm... they're listed in the forum *Ha* Where's my coffee? Lol. Oh! If you haven't seen them yet, all the funds from these C-Notes go directly to the forum: "C-Note City

Did you hear my cat Genny came home from the Vet with 10 less teeth? New record for my rescue cats. Young, too. Bad genes I guess. But she's doing great considering, and I'm $1,000 poorer *Facepalm* Yup, she'll need Kitty dentures before too long *Laugh* It's been a week and the girl is tough! Doing very well.

Thanks again guys *Peace2*

Don't think I didn't notice that someone nominated our new "WhataLand for a QUILL AWARD. We are appreciative, and have much planned for the coming year!

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Welcome Newbies to Writing.com! · 01-29-19 3:22pm
by Dominique

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