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May 12, 2020 at 6:55pm
Re: Advice...(help!)
by Steven
What you've written is fine for what it is - not really my thing in fantasy, but there you go. (And, no, I won't rate/review it.)

I'm not going to tell you what you should write or what you should include - it's your story. You can't write what other people want - it loses its writerly voice. It's like writing to trends: you can't please everyone. and it's no-one else's. You and you alone have the story in your head.

So, having said all that, here's my advice: Don't write the story in order. You have some characters. You clearly have a world you are building. So: Write something from later on in the story. Write the ending. Write a middle point. Write a later meeting. You can fill in the gaps later.

Let's go one step further: Write a short story about the characters. Write a poem about them. If you play D&D, fill out a heap of character sheets, put them through an adventure. Even if none of this ends up in your final story, it still gives you an idea of your characters, you are still writing in that world, and you have written something.

Or the other thing you could do is write something different and so you let your mind stop stressing about this story, and relaxation can often lead to ideas just popping up.

And my third suggestion is to read something not in a fantasy setting. A different genre. Again - relaxation of the mind.

Good luck going forward.
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