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May 14, 2020 at 10:31am
Re: Advice...(help!)
by Vagus
I like a good fantasy book. Youth finds out they're the key to saving the world. It works.

When I went to write some fantasy, I realized that I didn't have the fantasy education to really improve on the genre. I could write a book about a farmhand discovering a third hand coming out of his back that can crack planets in half with the sna-- (damn, that's Thanos) but you get the idea. But, I felt the rest would be a boring rehash of bows, arrows, dragons, and whatnot.

Not that there's anything wrong with it, but i recognized a weakness in my ability to make that exciting or improve on what's already been done.

So, I drizzled in some science. Still not unusual. Then some modern day operators. We've seen it all before. Then I pumped the androgens, brought in the steel, the gear, the blood. Two sides driving for a hard win for the sole reason that they don't come in second.

And in the middle of that is where I dropped my farmboy.

So, I think im echoing some others in that you need to build out a little context upfront to drive your character's decisions. The prologue was too generic, in my opinion. It might be the backbone of your story, but the delivery could use some improvement. Not now, after you've written the rest.
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