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May 22, 2020 at 8:08am
For Published Fiction Authors
I'm having the hardest time getting started! It began back in 1974, at my Dad's farm in North Mississippi. I don't know where it came from but I wrote my first poem. I used creative writing as therapy through my teens. While life happened, I put my writing on hold. I'm now in mid-fifties, kids grown and gone, and I have plenty time to write. But I can't get it together enough to get it to an editor. I read here and there that I should just sit down and write...then, usually while searching for some guidance, I find help websites for writers that make the whole process seem overwhelming. Things like character development and theme, symbolism and plot. My stories have been running around in my head for decades, all I want to do is get them out where they want to be. How do I navigate all this in a timely fashion and get my points across through stories without earning two or three four year degrees? I don't have money for building fancy websites, etc., I just want to share my stories, have others enjoy and learn from my characters experiences and know that I didn't live through those times for nothing. I don't want to write autobiographical fiction, but I want to use my experiences and pass along lessons I've learned and characters, times, places and things that have brought me joy. I decided I wanted to write almost fifty years ago, yet here I am, not one inch further than I was then. How do I navigate the writing world and find my place in it?? Thanks to anyone who can provide me with an ounce of guidance. I'll take a half, make it a quarter ounce. Thanks again.

P.S. Writing,com has been a constant place to turn for inspiration and to just enjoy the craft since I joined several years ago. It's one place I don't feel overwhelmed about writing!!
For Published Fiction Authors · 05-22-20 8:08am
by lauradena
Re: For Published Fiction Authors · 05-22-20 8:41am
by Tobber
Re: Re: For Published Fiction Authors · 05-22-20 8:57am
by Steven
Re: Re: Re: For Published Fiction Authors · 05-22-20 9:24am
by Veritas
Re: For Published Fiction Authors · 05-22-20 9:19am
by Veritas
Re: Re: For Published Fiction Authors · 05-22-20 12:43pm
by lauradena
Re: Re: Re: For Published Fiction Authors · 05-23-20 2:51am
by Zen
Re: For Published Fiction Authors · 05-22-20 9:58am
by Vagus
Re: For Published Fiction Authors · 05-24-20 3:13pm
by bob county
Re: Re: For Published Fiction Authors · 05-25-20 5:53pm
by lauradena

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