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Jun 18, 2020 at 8:57pm
How to Report Non-Effort Reviewers?
I haven't been active here in quite a long time, but every once in awhile I see an e-mail saying someone has reviewed one of my pieces. Because the piece in question isn't something I particularly care about, I've been ignoring said e-mails...until today, when I decided to finally log back in and see what was being said.

This was the gist of my reviews over the past few months:



"cool piece of writing, cool piece of writing, cool piece of writing..."

Only two reviews actually said anything, and only one of those was heartfelt. The other was a syrupy "great job!" from someone earning brownie points for reviewing.

Is there any way to report those people that just mashed a key or copy-pasted the same phrase over and over to reach a minimum character-limit?

I may not be as invested as I used to be, but this doesn't sit right with me, and these people need to realize that that kind of s*** doesn't fly.

"There is wanting the unobtainable, and there is the obtaining of desire, and the greatest of these is the wanting. Especially since the object of desire usually turns out to exist only in some alternate reality, to be mocked by actuality."

-James Blish- "Cities In Flight"
How to Report Non-Effort Reviewers? · 06-18-20 8:57pm
by J. Thayne
Re: How to Report Non-Effort Reviewers? · 06-19-20 4:31pm
by Northernwrites

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