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Jun 27, 2020 at 3:00am
Re: Re: Re: screenplay issue
by Zen
Try Wikipedia. Orphan Black was a dark drama about a young woman who sees another woman attempt suicide at a tube station - the other woman looks just like her. She steals the womans purse and later goes through her things and finds out she's a cop. Going to the womans house, things get messy when the womans cop-partner turns up and she has to pretend to be her.

Things get even messier when she realises there is an assassin out to kill her - and she looks just like her too. The deeper she digs into this mystery, the more she people she finds that look like her - not similar, exactly. They form a support grou to figure out what isgoing on and who they are.

The woman who plays all these parts, Tatiana Maslany, does a brilliant job. Each of them is unqiely different in mannerisms, acent, and personality. I think she plays seven or eight roles across three series. Occassionally the series dipped into brilliantly staged humour.
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