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Jul 15, 2020 at 5:17pm
Re: Re: Re: July challenge (wip)
The month is only half over. You still have time. The only way to change affiliation would be to copy the other review then delete the original and paste in the new review affiliated with "The WDC Angel Army. That would not be fair to WDC Power Reviewers since they may have credited it already. But, as I said, the month is only half-over. I doubt Elle minds an extra review. *Laugh* Either way, I appreciate your participation and good intentions, 🐯 Werecat Wheeler *Hug1**hug**Hug2*

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July challenge (wip) · 07-12-20 5:45pm
by 🐯 Werecat Wheeler
Re: July challenge (wip) · 07-15-20 2:57pm
by ₩icked₩itↄӇ of The₩eb
Re: Re: July challenge (wip) · 07-15-20 4:57pm
by 🐯 Werecat Wheeler
*Star* Re: Re: Re: July challenge (wip) · 07-15-20 5:17pm
by ₩icked₩itↄӇ of The₩eb
Message Suspended. · 07-15-20 5:51pm
by N/A

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