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Authors face off through their characters! Follow along & vote each round.
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Aug 2, 2020 at 7:29pm
T5 - Round 1 - The Journey
-| The Prompt |-

It has become very obvious which few people have some level of resistance to the curse, as they are the only ones functioning.
Although, functioning is stretching it when the world around them has fallen into disarray. There aren't many of them, but they meet up to try and come up with a solution. Some of the group are reluctant as they're not really 'team players', whereas others are relieved and pleased to be part of a semi-organised group.

Unfortunately, as time passes, it becomes clear that 'some level of resistance' is far more accurate than 'immune'. All members of the group find themselves enduring short periods of their worst fears playing out in their heads. This leads to a general consensus that everyone must remain in pairs, because one person alone will become vulnerable at random times as they fight the curse.

A number of ideas have been suggested as to how the curse could be lifted. Pairs are assigned to each one, and everyone rather hopes that someone is successful, even if it is not themselves.

-| Information |-

Your character and their partner must progress on their journey to lift the curse. You may use your own idea of how to lift the curse or any of the suggestions made by other contestants. However, you must write about your character and the character you are paired with.

Your story must end BEFORE the curse is lifted, as this will be done in the final round.

You should submit a story (up to 3,000 words but there is no minimum word count). Your story must include both your character(s) and the character(s) of your partner in some way, but does not need to include all the characters from all the auditions, only those of the person you are paired with. Your story should finish with the character(s) knowing how to lift the curse but before they are able to achieve that.

The deadline for round one entries is 11:59pm WDC time, August 14.

-| The Pairings |-

Becca Winchester with Deanna Thanatos
Once In a Red Moon with Ai Khaba Pa-Ankh

Hang the Christmas Sox Already with Mae Amante
Shaye with Turiel Zindan

Only one writer from each pairing will go through to the final round.
T5 - Round 1 - The Journey · 08-02-20 7:29pm
by Elle - on hiatus
Re: T5 - Round 1 - The Journey · 08-08-20 6:31pm
by Hang the Christmas Sox Already

The following section applies to this forum item as a whole, not this individual post.
Any feedback sent through it will go to the forum's owner, Elle - on hiatus.
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