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Sep 12, 2020 at 3:38pm
Oh, hello! I am the new gypsy in town
Hello there, my name is, Ryan Murray Rossell. Nice to meet you. Today I am here to talk a little bit about myself and what I would like to accomplish within the next few months and years. The history will be short and semi sweet. The goal today though is to talk about the now and the future.

As a child I never felt too special. Never excelled at anything, was not particularly good at making friends and I was and still am to this day, anxious. I had a few close friends growing up, one that stuck by my side for quite a while until fate had it’s way. Teenage years I got angsty. My parents split, I felt unnoticed by family, peers and strangers. I took to the punk scene, amongst other out of the “ordinary,” culture. To be honest, I never really broke out of that, punk till death! Early adulthood the punk phased in and out due to embarrassment and having to look human for jobs. My early and mid twenties went by in a flash and can’t quickly recall many memories. Late twenties was the beginning of the end I like to say. I got piercings, tattoos and have started walking a path I chose. Peoples opinions finally started not to matter to me. Now here I sit, thirty years of age, wondering what this decade has in store.

Here are the facts about me. My legal name is Ryan Murray Rossell. I prefer to go by either Murray, or The Gypsie. I know it is spelt with a “Y.” Maybe to all the Norms out there. I am 6’0” tall, brown hair, green eyes and as skinny as a scarecrow. I have a dog, her name is Lacey The Dog. She is an anarchist and grew up in the system. My one true companion. I own a house, truck and a travel trailer. My clothes and style mean a lot to me. I do so enjoy to partake in marijuana. It is a life giving plant I tell ya. Carpenter by trade, not by choice. What I really want to do is make people feel better. With writing, comedy, advice, or even just sitting with someone in silence if it’s what they need. Very empathetic, to the point I breakdown if I see strangers crying. A mystical being. I believe in many different things that Norm’s call, “weird, stupid, nonsense, idiocy.” This last one is going to sound weird, it is true though. Sometimes (and its happening more frequently) I know things. Wether its knowing what the guy on the tv is going to say next, I know your name and never met you before, and the examples are endless. I just, know. Those are the facts.

Time for the present. Currently I work for a construction company that is just me and the boss. We rent a shop together and were planning on opening a second business together. I'm living in my house with a roommate who is also a good friend. The house is located in my birth city, which I despise. My relationship status is single. As for family, I only talk to my sister, her boyfriend and my dad. My mother is alive, we just don’t see eye to eye, putting it politely. In certain ways I am happy and others not. Work is becoming less than enjoyable, my back account got recently hacked and I lost money, as well, The Dog has been sick. I don’t mind my living situation because of the roommate, it is difficult at times I will admit. The travel trailer is getting worked on to living in it next summer. Present is summed up, lets’s move on to the short term goals.

This section may be short or long I am not to sure yet. Haven’t thought about this until I started writing this. I’m a spur of the moment guy. First thing is first, I would like to start writing every day. Even if it’s just a sentence, forward progress is forward progress. I have only written about my thoughts, feelings and experiences, so I would like to write a short story. I’m thinking in the Fantasy or Sci-fi realm. Building some furniture and making some money off of it. Quitting my job and prioritizing my goals. That is a big one. I hate feeling like I let someone down, but I can’t keep letting myself down. The last thing, for now anyways, is to finish the Reno in my back room of the house. That should keep me busy for three months I should think.

This section will be like the last, as I am now just thinking about The Long Term. Honestly short and sweet The Long Term is just to be happy. I will emphasize on some things I would like to see happen for curiosities sake. I would like to live places. Not place, and not even a couple, I mean PLACES! I am always very unsettled and want to keep moving, see different things, experience culture and people. Modern Nomadic Living I suppose you could call it. I would like to work that is not physical labour. I’ve done enough of it and would like to just relax a bit. In LONG LONG LONG Term, I would like to sell a writing. Even just one. To know someone likes, or resonates, or even hates it enough to own it and destroy it, that would feel great. Yes, I would like to sell writings very much.

Well, folks, there you have it. Me in a nut shell. Past, present, future. I obviously left out some details of past and present. Those will come in time, maybe. Depending on where this journey takes me. I call this, “My First Writing,” because it is the first in the hopes of many to come. Wether it continues to be observations and my thoughts, or if it becomes anything else. I believe just like in my late twenties, this is a turning point of no return. The day of reckoning is upon us! The Gypsie has come out to play.
R.Murray.R. The Gypsie
Oh, hello! I am the new gypsy in town · 09-12-20 3:38pm
by R.Murray.R The Gypsie
Re: Oh, hello! I am the new gypsy in town · 09-13-20 6:34pm
by Emily
Re: Re: Oh, hello! I am the new gypsy in town · 09-14-20 6:19am
by ChocoHuf-flepuff

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