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Oct 12, 2020 at 3:45pm
Re: Re: Self-Publishing Advice
by KenF
I'm back.

1) Mike Kowis wrote a book called 14 steps to self publishing (or something like that. Search his name on Amazon). I know the guy. Buy the ebook, it's cheap, but informative. It'll walk you through the process as DIY and tell you the parts where you might want to outsource (ex cover design, editing, layout). For the most part, this is do it on KDP first, then Draft2Digital to hit the other markets.

2) Wattpad is a den of scum and villainy. More specifically, the admins won't help you defend your work from plagiarism. It's pretty well documented. Medium, seems to be the place to publish articles AND maybe get paid. that's where serious writers go to build audience. or do a blog either on your own website (what I do) or on WordPress directly.

Sounds like you did your part. All you can do is lead a horse to water. Your friend could have googled and sat in digital writer's spaces to learn this info.
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