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Jan 13, 2021 at 5:19pm
Edited: January 13, 2021 at 5:20pm
Re: Re: Re: Inconsistency in blog

Indeed, it's certainly a challenge to determine which data means the most, but I think our current system works best. If the system would track a view for each entry shown when the main page of a blog loaded, I don't think you'd have "better" data per se.

For example, if the system tracked views for "everything", when I would have clicked on your link to your blog it would have registered 1 view to the main item and then 1 view to each of the 12 entries... (or 13 total views for 1 page load) even though I was just opening the item to see how it was setup. Others may only open to see the item's newest entry... while adding views to entries shown on the page, even if they weren't intended to be seen by the viewer. While that would be a good way to increase view counts on entries, if just never seemed to me like it would a better way to actually gather data.

It's a unique challenge that is posed only by our blog system. For the best granular data on individual entries, if that's important, then it does make more sense (to me) to promote those individual entries in your blog, rather than the blog item itself ... as then you have that granular data on views to the specific entries/topics. If you link just to the main blog, you're not really getting data on those specific entries...


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