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A warm welcome to our newbies; come meet new and not-so-new members of Writing.Com!
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Feb 23, 2021 at 7:20am
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Edited: February 23, 2021 at 7:21am
Re: New to writing.com
*Delight*Welcome to WDC and thanks for your interest. Always good to ask questions and I see Mike responded. I hope that helps you make up your mind.

Your question about multi-chapter items..yes!! Upgraded members can create books with chapters for novel or longer stories and also blogs. There are lots of interactive stories two where many can take part and add chapters.

Read and Review is a random selection to read. Checking Browse by Type or Genre can lead to more specific discoveries. When you find a type or genre you like, click on it and read. You can also click on the author name...and read bio to see what they write.
We also have lots of contests and forums to connect with others.

You certainly can get feedback and I find the more you put into the community the more you get out of it. Reviewing others, requesting reviews can often lead to returns. Also you can earn gift points for reviews..to save for membership and gifting others for their help. Fun stuff!

So, have fun discovering the wonder that is WDC. "Writing.Com 101 has detailed info. Take your time and jump in with your creation. *Quill*

New to writing.com · 01-22-21 11:59am
by Shiina Ai
Re: New to writing.com · 01-25-21 5:24pm
by Soldier_Mike 🎺
Re: New to writing.com · 02-01-21 10:54am
by Past Member 'adam-walker'
*Star* Re: New to writing.com · 02-23-21 7:20am
by eyestar~

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