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Feb 28, 2021 at 1:31am
'Interactive' Decision Bug
by Gandulf
Something's going on with the interactive stories, where story options don't display correctly. It looks like there was a comment issue on the page?

Instead of displaying Choices like they are supposed to it give a long link with a line of code before and after it like this:

You now have these choices:


', 'get', 'https://www.Writing.Com/main/interactive-story.php', 'item_id=1098552&map=11&previous=315356&ajax=load_chapter_315356'); return false;">Read the newspaper

', 'get', 'https://www.Writing.Com/main/interactive-story.php', 'item_id=1098552&map=12&previous=315356&ajax=load_chapter_315356'); return false;">Keep searching for other clues
3. ', 'get', 'https://www.Writing.Com/main/interactive-story.php', 'item_id=1098552&map=13&previous=315356&ajax=load_chapter_315356'); return false;">Step outside

4. ', 'get', 'https://www.Writing.Com/main/interactive-story.php', 'item_id=1098552&map=14&previous=315356&ajax=load_chapter_315356'); return false;">Try the phone again

5. ', 'get', 'https://www.Writing.Com/main/interactive-story.php', 'item_id=1098552&map=15&previous=315356&ajax=load_chapter_315356'); return false;">Lie down on a booth and take a nap

Here's a link to the page I got this from https://www.writing.com/main/interactive-story/item_id/1098552-Welcome-to-Silent...

Hope someone is able to help with this.
'Interactive' Decision Bug · 02-28-21 1:31am
by Gandulf
Re: 'Interactive' Decision Bug · 02-28-21 1:52am
by Northernwrites
Re: 'Interactive' Decision Bug · 02-28-21 1:56am
by The StoryMaster

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