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Apr 28, 2021 at 10:41pm
Writing Question

I am at kind of stall. I am trying to figure out some really deep fears to give my MC. I'll tell you a bit about him. He is my MC in my WIP.
1. He is a half breed Cherokee. He is having real difficulty accepting his Indian heritage because of a childhood trauma and he blames their "Old" Laws which is being upheld by the secret society for his father's death.
2. He is a Bounty Hunter who has been summoned by the Tribal Council to capture a man who has kidnapped, raped and murdered a young girl and deliver him to the secret society to face death that the girl's father has called for and been granted. (This is The Blood Law) The crime took place on the reservation.
3. My MC has mixed feelings, but he knows that he must do what the Council says.
The obvious fears, loss of freedom, friends, respect, status, job, no matter which side he stays loyal to, all seem superficial to me. Can anyone direct me where to look? I feel that there has to something really deep seeded that he needs to overcome to come to terms with himself to make his
final decision.
Thank you,
Writing Question · 04-28-21 10:41pm
by Kristina ~
Re: Writing Question · 04-29-21 4:52am
by often wrong sung
Re: Writing Question · 04-29-21 3:33pm
by RickyD
Re: Writing Question · 04-30-21 8:27am
by Steven, Alone & Lonely

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