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Jun 10, 2021 at 4:46am
Re: Soul
There was a research lab in Princeton University in 80s called PEAR - Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research lab. It was one of the first Scientific labs which worked on finding anomalies like psychokinesis and other remote-viewing with the help of engineering. They ran a couple experiments on psychokinesis and after a couple hundred thousand experiments they found significant diversion in the outcome of results after the subject tried to concentrate and favour one outcome of the experiment where the probability was 50/50. They did it again and again and found the same diversions. The lab was soon shut down the the university and the results were deemed inaccurate without any investigation. The Scientists believed that our brains tune into the consciousness from the environment like a radio thats why we can change the outcomes of the experiments by psychokinesis but very subtly because significant results and shown only after a couple hundred thousand trials. This is also the reason for a the vibes and why sensitive people feel these more often and strongly. They believe that soul is infact the consciousness.

Although, believing in any theory of soul is ok. Because what I personally feel is that I might never know what or where is the soul but I try to think of it as my guiding light and my only connection to the universe because I feel empowered thinking that I am one with the universe. This might be true or it could be just a placebo which keeps me in check on the right path. But it does makes me feel peaceful and that is enough for me. Thanks for reading.

"You are the Universe experiencing itself -Alan Watts"
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