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Jun 25, 2021 at 4:32am
Why write?
by Bruce.
Why do we write?
I can think of three reasons, although others may think of some more.
1. To become a successful published author.
2. To become a published author and earn money.
3. As a hobby/recreation.
I feel that I am in the third group. This does not mean that I would not like my work to be published. I suppose most people do, but I don’t think it is the main reason why I write.
Indeed, in the early days, many years back, I had delusions that I would be a published novel writer. But after five unpublished novels (I do not include Smashwords) I have to realise that it is not going to happen. After the first few I did not give up because I consider myself a recreational writer. That is, I enjoy creating places and populate them with folk that I get to know very well. Some are likable and some are not.
Going back again I remember sending a couple of novels off for professional critique (very expensive). One novel, in particular, has a small Alien Abduction element. I was told that the novel was un-publishable because “it falls between two stools” so I should remove all the sci-fi elements from the novel.
Another told me that I can write whatever I like, but if I want to be published I have to abide by the conventions. So do I remove the sci-fi and abide by the rules, or do I write what I like and have no chance of publication? People have to make their own minds up when faced with this choice. I choose the second option so that I can continue on a creative hobby that I enjoy without having to worry if it is publishable.
That does not mean I am not looking for WDC reviews. Indeed one of the great plus points of being on WDC is to get comments from other writers. There are the feel good comments, but also opinions for improvement, some of which the writer can use and some the writer can discard.
For whatever reason the writer writes, I consider the best place to do it is here on W.D.C.
Why write? · 06-25-21 4:32am
by Bruce.
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